White House Meal Suggestions


1. Dominican-style chicken casserole with moro de guandules (rice & pigeon peas with Creole seasonings), Creole salad (shredded white cabbage, chopped tomatoes), avocado salad & tostones (fried plantain bananas). Mango upside-down cake.

2. Breaded or simple grilled chicken escalope, served with classic Dominican rice and beans, yuca fritters, green salad (mixed leaves). Dominican chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream.

3. Slow-cooked ragu sauce over penne or similar ‘short’ pasta, with parmesan cheese, garlic bread, green salad. Classic Tiramisu (featuring Dominican cocoa powder & Dominican coffee).

4. Authentic Dominican celebratory dish of Sancocho (a type of chicken stew including mixed local root vegetables & plantains, with a delicious background flavour of pumpkin/local ‘long leaf’’ coriander) served with rice. Fruit plate.

5. Stuffed roasted peppers, tomatoes & zucchini, with rice/minced beef, served with mixed leaf salad. Banana bread & fresh bananas with lime.

6. Traditional Dominican albóndigas (beef meatballs) served with rice and red/white/black beans, Creole or green salad, yuca/cassava fritters. Coconut sponge cake.

7. Classic roast chicken with thyme/tarragon, tossed green salad, crusty baguette. Fresh watermelon and pineapple slices.

8. Noodles with peas, bacon & cheese (pasta con piselli), toasted herb & olive bread. Panettone pudding with cream.

3 courses

A. Cream of pumpkin or roasted carrot & ginger soup with croutons, herby lemon baked chicken served with rosemary potatoes & broccoli. Pineapple upside down cake with ice cream.

B. Avocado with chopped tomatoes & basil, Dominican-style beef casserole 'ropa vieja' served with moro de guandules (rice with pigeon peas) and Creole salad. Passion fruit cheesecake.

C. Roasted beetroot & feta salad, pasta aglio olio, peperoncino & griddled zucchini or with lemon shrimp sauce - garlic bread. Coconut flan pudding or classic Dominican flan (vanilla flavour).

D. Asian flavours in a mixed salad, dressed with soy, mirin, lime juice & sesame seeds, followed by green chicken & cauliflower/broccoli curry flavoured with coconut & basil & served with jasmine rice. Grilled pineapple with honey & ice cream.

E. Caprese salad, (mozzarella, tomato & avocado, Shepherd's pie (with minced beef) & creamy mashed potato & yuca topping, served with green salad. Apple & mango crostata

F. Dominican-style ‘tempura’ eggplant, Classic tarragon/thyme roast chicken with either roast vegetables including potatoes, or tossed green salad & French baguette. Coconut sponge served with vanilla ice cream.

Prices available on request:.

*in the event that an ingredient may not be available, a substitute/similar will be used.